Frequently Asked Questions

What Insurance Plans Do We Accept?

Medical form with stethoscope
Insurance Agent

          Most insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid typically cover the expenses of sleep problems, however, you should check with your insurance representative for more information.

How Long does it Take to Receive Your Results?

          A tremendous volume of sleep information is collected during your sleep study. This information, along with any recommendations for treatment, will be forwarded to your physician who requested the sleep study. 


          The sleep report is sent to your physician within 5 to 7 business days after your night at the sleep lab.  At your follow-up appointment with your physician, depending on the circumstances on the night of your scheduled sleep study, you may need to come back for a 2nd night, to be scheduled after the results from your originally scheduled test are obtained.


          Should you have any questions prior to or after your study, please do not hesitate to call Rocky Mountain Sleep Resources at 719-546-1000


Where Is Our Office Located?

Our office is located at 1306 Fortino Blvd in Suite 110.

It is right by the north-side Lowe's, Post-Office, and directly off of Highway 50.

Steps to Schedule

After expressing your concerns with your physician they should authorize your visit with us so that we can schedule your study.