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About Us

Rocky Mountain Sleep Resources

          You are not alone with your problems.  Millions of Americans – in fact, more than 100 million – are poor sleepers.  The good news is that sleep disorders can be diagnosed accurately and managed effectively.  If you have been scheduled to spend a night, or a series of nights, in a sleep lab, relax!  Results obtained from patients around the country have shown that a positive difference in sleep can be achieved in approximately 80% of patients following sleep lab studies and appropriate treatment by sleep specialists.  Most likely, you will be scheduled to undergo a Polysomnogram, a complex test that evaluates the quality and quantity of sleep stages.  Continuous recordings of brain waves, heart and lung function, eye movement, leg, chest and chest movement, oxygen levels and actual airflow changes are done.

Certified to Help You Sleep 

Rocky Mountain Sleep resources is an Accreditted Institution, Certified Center and has achieved
'Home Sleep Apnea Testing' status by
The American Academy of Sleep Medicine


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